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Adrian Munari The Winemaker: Adrian Munari

Adrian Munari returned with his wife Deborah and children, Beauregard and India, to Central Victoria in the summer of 1993. (Unlike his grandparents, Antonio and Giacomnia, who had immigrated from Italy to Seymour in 1921 establishing a large Munari clan), Adrian chose Heathcote to grow grapes and begin his wine making journey.

In the year of 96 winemaking commenced. Adrian's philosophy is as many other traditional winemakers believe: “Understand your site, its soil profile, seasonal climate variation, and thus grow the most appropriate varieties. Don't be restricted by the past, complement old winemaking principles with the innovative techniques developed in the new world for quality control. Doing so allows room for experimentation and adventure in the attaining of superior expression in the "terroir" of your bottle.”

Ten years later the property's wines have grown from a single Shiraz and a blend (“The Schoohouse”) into an award winning portfolio. The Shiraz itself, (stalwart of Heathcote), has been joined by a cabernet sauvignon, merlot, and malbec, and each year, another schoolhouse blend. In 2005, the first fortified shiraz, shiraz-viognier, rosé and a late harvest (Viognier-Marsanne) were created. replicating an attention to detail offered exclusively by Munari Wines.

In the year 2011 he continues his passion for winemaking/viticulture, crafting more bold, beautifully rounded and charismatic wines, honoring the “Munari” name and upholding the reputation of a first class Heathcote wine region.