Resurrection Chardonnay 

2017 | $23 Bottle | $276 case

This is a contemporary, new world Chardonnay purposely crafted with minimal oak in order to maintain and highlight the fresh fruit aromas and crisp acidity offered by the moderate temperatures of the Heathcote region.

In 2002 our small block of original Chardonnay plantings were grafted over with Shiraz scion material and subsequently “The Last” Chardonnay was produced. Heavily impacted by a vine virus the Chardonnay root stock has over recent times, "resurrected" itself and thus a new era has begun.

Light straw colour; fresh and lifted aromas of citrus, lemon and lime, peach, nectarine with nuances of vanillin as the wine opens up. The body is textured and full-flavoured with grapefruit