Within 25 years this former historic sheep station has grown from a single Shiraz and a blend “The Schoolhouse Red” into an award winning portfolio.


History: About the property

The property was established in 1871 by Andrew Robert Morris. He along with his brother, John Buchanan, were the sons of Major Robert Morris, a military man from Moorburn, Langs, Ayreshire in Scotland, whom died on the 26th of February 1862 aged 79.  John Buchanan was the owner of the first hotel in Heathcote, the Mt Ida Hotel, which was situated on the current National Australia Bank site. In 1859 the license for the hotel was taken over by his brother Andrew Robert until 1871 but when he became insolvent he consequently sold it.  In December 1871 he received a license for a house which he had built in Murray Road – now the Northern Highway – and named it The Iona Hotel.  Andrew Robert died on the 10th of December 1874 and his wife, Jane, carried on the hotel for approximately one year then surrendered the license. 

Jane renamed it “Moorburn” after the family home in Scotland. She was a native of County Dublin, Ireland and had 7 children with Andrew Robert. She died on the 25th of June 1912 at the age of 75 and had lived in Australia for 58 years. She left behind her 6 children , her son Robert, and daughters Mrs Burge, Mrs Parker and Misses Edith A, Jessie M, and May S. They lived at Moorburn until the end of the Second World War. Robert died on the 8th of June 1952 aged 85 and the last member of the family, May Sibbold Morris, who was born in Largs Scotland in 1872 and died in June 1955. Moorburn’s acreage was approximately 3200 acres and was afterwards bought by the Wilkie Family who in turn sold it to property developers that broke it down into small land parcels.  The original house and farm was subsequently sold to Graeme and Jackie Lewis. 

It has now become Munari Wines also trading as Ladys Creek Vineyard and retains only 57 acres of the original size.


Adrian Munari: About the Winemaker

Munari Wines is a family owned vineyard located 11kms north of Heathcote at the base of the Mt Ida foothills. Founded in 1993, Adrian Munari’s philosophy has always been, as many traditional winemakers believe: “Understand your site, its soil profile, seasonal climate variation, and thus grow the most appropriate varieties. Don’t be restricted by the past, complement old winemaking principles with the innovative techniques developed in the new world for quality control. Doing so allows room for experimentation and adventure in the attaining of superior expression in the ‘terroir’ of your bottle.”

25 years later the property’s wines have grown from a single Shiraz and a blend (The Schoolhouse Red) into an award winning internationally recognized portfolio. The Shiraz itself, (a stalwart of Heathcote) has been joined by a Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Malbec, and each year, another Schoolhouse Red blend. In 2005, the first Fortified Shiraz, Shiraz-Viognier, Rosé and a Late Harvest (Viognier-Marsanne) were created. Replicating an attention to detail offered exclusively by Munari Wines.

All of our wines are designed to contrast with a distinctive individuality and character that accommodates the most complex or the most simplistic of palates. “We want to offer easy drinking wines of great value to those who have no tasting experience and to those who are seasoned veterans”. We apply the same concept to your favourite foods, matching wines for courses and complimenting your dining experience is a concept we strongly believe in.

In 2014, Adrian continues his passion for winemaking and viticulture. Crafting more bold, beautifully rounded and charismatic wines that uphold the reputation of a first class Heathcote wine region.


Visit Us

The property itself has been gradually expanded over the last 25 years with the addition of a new vineyard in 1998 and more recently an upgraded and more spacious cellar door area. Originally an old stable situated on what once was a 1000 acre plus sheep station, the cellar door offers a humbling, classic and unique wine tasting experience overlooking the vineyard to the south of the property. Visit us 7 days a week for an intimate tasting or bring a picnic lunch, buy a bottle of wine and enjoy it on the spacious lawn overlooking our vineyards.